Papaya Salad
Vegetable Soup
Tom Ka Soup
Beef Salad


Mixed Green Salad

     Mixed green salad served with our special balsamic ginger dressing.

Octopus Salad*

    Steamed octopus on top of a bed of mixed green salad and sesame seeds.

     Served with our miso dressing.

Beef Salad*

     Grilled marinated beef sliced and tossed with tomato, cucumber, red onion, scallion,

      cilantro, and spicy lime dressing.

Seaweed Salad

     Two types of seaweed served with shredded radish and miso dressing.


Papaya Salad*

      Julienne green papaya, string bean, tomato, and roasted peanut tossed in a spicy

      lime dressing. Topped with grilled shrimp.






     Miso soup made from soybean served with tofu, seaweed & scallion.

Tom Yum*

     Spicy lemongrass broth simmered with white mushroom.

          Vegetable                $5

          Chicken                     $6

          Shrimp                       $7


Tom Ka*

     Spicy lemongrass broth simmered with coconut milk and white          


          Vegetable                $5

          Chicken                     $6

          Shrimp                       $7


     Pork and shrimp wontons simmered in a light broth with vegetables.



      Mixed vegetables and tofu simmered in a light broth.




 Soup & Salad